• Live solo electric guitar, no loops, no drum machines, no nothing. Come and see for yourself what FOKO
is all about. Wednesday 31 October, 22:00, Mylos Ksylourgeio. Entrance : 10
  • Foko is pleased to announce the release of his latest work, FOKO - live.  
In keeping with the minimalist philosophy of this project, very little information is given on the CD itself, 
other than song titles and cover artist. So all information regarding this album will be given here. 
This is a live in the studio solo guitar album. It was done in one take, there are no overdubs or additions 
of any kind. This is a pure guitar album and "despite its imperfections, I consider it my best work". 
 It was recorded on June 14th 2007 at FAME studios in Athens. 
Cover is a painting by Jason Myrold.
  • Foko is pleased to announce his association as an endorsed artist with GHS strings.