Jim, Owner and chief designer at Telegun amps has done all repairs and cool 
mods on all of Foko's amps. He also designs some great high gain amps that blow 
Soldanos, Bogners, Diezels out of the water.
The best music store in northern Greece. Friendly service that is on par with any 
store on the planet, expert advice, great prices. Foko travels from Athens to 
Thessaloniki to have his guitars looked at anytime there's a problem.
Foko has been playing Rivera since 1987. His tbr1 has been faithfully kicking butt 
with no problems. Paul Rivera is accessible to anyone that wants to chat about 
amps and Foko is proud to be associated with the company and has had an 
endorsement with Rivera since 1999. 
One of the first boutique stores on the east coast of the US and probably the best. 
Heath, the owner has 
a keen eye for new and exciting gear and is very friendly. His prices are the best.