Foko was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. He decided to stay in the USA and formed his own instrumental trio in 1990. He has recorded 2 independently produced CD's "An expressionist's View" Microtone/Sony in 1995 and "Confession" Microtone 1999.

Both received great critical acclaim. He was featured in Guitar Player's Spotlight in March 1994 (click here). Eric Johnson describes him as "very fine player who deserves recognition" (click here). In 1999 Foko was endorsed by RIVERA Amplifiers and is featured in the 1999 RIVERA catalog (click here).

Since 2000 he's back in Greece performing to packed houses in Thessaloniki and Athens. His future plans include a live album, which will blend the older, more hi-fi sound with the new lo-fi psychedelic sound that he's been honing for the last two years.

Since 2004 he has developed a unique live show that features unaccompanied electric guitar. He's also finished his 3rd CD titled "Zulu" with a full band.